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St Joseph's Primary School, Crossgar


Hello and welcome to Primary 6 and 7 in St Joseph's!

You will probably find us reading a book, learning our times-tables, helping others or running around the school to keep fit (we count our laps so it is cross-curricular!)

We do our literacy and numeracy learning in the mornings each day. This is a brief outline of other important times in our week:

Monday - We get our spellings for the week! After-school there is Transfer Club and Peace Proms!

Tuesday - We have PE so we bring our sporty gear in. After-school there is Coding and Irish Dancing!

Wednesday - We do our Daily Mile as a whole school. We also learn more in our Topic which is bridges! After-school today is soccer!

Thursday - We are usually learning in the ICT suite in the afternoon. After-school you may find some of us in Mrs McConnell's Reading Club.

Friday - We check how our learning is going by doing our spelling and numeracy checks! We have assembly in the afternoon and then its the weekend!